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Masfaalt (IPA: /mæsfɑːlt/), officially the Republic of Masfaalt (Icelandic: Lýðveldið Masfaalt), is a country located in the Western Ocean, occupying the entirety of Masfaalt Island. It is located south of Impala Island, located roughly halfway between it and Antarctica. The island is geologically young, forming 25 million years ago thanks to tectonic and volcanic activity. Because of this, the island lacks such things as coal and petrol, but is abundant in geothermal energy.


Main article: History of Masfaalt

Early history

The Masfaalt Island is believed to have been originally settled during the seventh or eigth century. This idea was backed by the discovery of ruined villages dating back to that time period.

The era which lasted until the fourteenth century is locally known as the Age of Kingdoms.

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