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Every logo has been made by fite, with exception to the original PSR logo, which was made by Blocky.

Project Midnight (First Stage)

Project Midnight started in early 2018 as a little fun thing to do by fite and Blocky. This would later become PM: Modern and PM: Classic

Version 1

OG Project- Midnight.png

Version 2

Version 3

Version 4

Version 5

Project Midnight was officially killed off on May 21st, 2020 after a lot of internal conflicts inside Team Orbit. It would later be revived under Cube Studios.

Project South Ridge

Shortly after the death of Project Midnight and Team Orbit, Cube Studios was formed to have a fresh start in development. Project South Ridge (PSR) was also established at this time as a Project-Midnight like game set in a fictional universe.

Version 1

Version 2 (unused)

Project Midnight (Second Stage)

The old Project Midnight was revived, separate from Project South Ridge, at the beginning of 2021. For the first six months of life it used the same logo as it did when it was killed (V5).

In July 2021, Project Midnight and Project South Ridge were merged into the present day Project Midnight, and the three universes were born.

All these logos follow the same rules on colors:

  • The Orbitra logo uses the same purple gradient as PSR, since thats what it originally was.
  • The Modern logo uses the same orange gradient that the original PM used.
  • The Classic logo uses a brown gradient.

Version 1

Orbitra Universe
Modern Universe
Classic Universe

Version 2 (Current)


New pm main.png

Orbitra Universe

New pm orbitra.png

Modern Universe

New pm modern.png

Classic Universe

New pm classic.png

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