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Welcome to the official Orbitra Wiki!

PM: Orbitra is the completely fictional universe created by Blocky_550. This wiki will eventually have pretty much all the lore about the universe included for your viewing pleasure.


Full country map of Orbitra Sol
Countries & Regions on Orbitra Sol
Flag Name Capital
Flag of USN.svg Antarctica N/A
Flag of USN.svg Arctic Circle N/A
Placeholder flag.svg Federated States of Ballarat Newcastle, State of Newcastle
Cool.png Bohemia (Čechy)
Breconia.png Breconia
Placeholder flag.svg Bremerhaven
Flag of Cullham.svg Cullham
Nord1A.png Storland
Placeholder flag.svg Frescandia
Flag of Godunov.svg Godunov Republic (Годуновская Република)
Placeholder flag.svg Hanover Republic
Flag of HongLongDao.svg Hóng Lóng Dǎo (红龙岛)
Flag of Impala Islands.svg Impala Islands Impala City
Placeholder flag.svg Jayakang
Flag of Kaiyo.svg Kaiyō (会よ) Kitoyo, Edo Prefecture
Kleinland2.png Kleinland
Kochi flag.svg Kōchi (高知県) Ichiba, Harbor Prefecture
Flag of Lenara.svg Lenara
Flag of Lignareix.svg Lignareix
Masfaalt flag.svg Masfaalt Vidirholl, Forn-Masfaalt
Flag of Milan.svg Milan
Placeholder flag.svg Navarre
Flag of New Lincoln.svg New Lincoln Corbel, State of Lincoln
Placeholder flag.svg New Rotterdam
Flag of NewUlster.svg New Ulster Calford, District of Calford
Nord1B.png Norrbotten
Placeholder flag.svg Nortierra
Nordlandetv2.png Nordlandet
Flag of the Orbit Empire.png Orbit Empire Central City, Capital District
Flag of PatriaNorth.svg Patria
Flag of PatriaSouth.svg Patria Del Sud (Disputed)
Pentlandv2.png Pentland Revelstoke, Revelstoke Parish
Flag of promania.svg Promania (Przomanśka)
Flag of Donaraig.svg Republic of Dornaraig Dùnrath, Dornaraig Province
Flag of Rudenia.svg Rudenia (Руденія)
St petersbourg flag.svg Saint-Pétersbourg (ピーター島) Ville-Calgary
Flag of SantaMaria.svg Santa Maria Capitolio City, State of Capitolio
SojoTang.png Sojotang (서쪽 땅)
SIR.png South Island Republic
Flag of Svenstark.svg Svenstark Storvik
Flag of LincolnEmpire.svg The Isles of Lincoln TBD
Trockenland.png Trockenland
Flag of Arcadia.svg United Nations of Arcadia Westerra, Arcadia
Flag of Palencia Islands.svg United South Islands of Palencia Charlottetown, Steven Island
Flag of Lake Kingdom.svg Versaillia Sainte Agnes, Capital Province
Flag of Westburg.svg Westburg Greater Westburg, WCT
WolfsburgRepublioc.png Wolfsburg Republic

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